Weight Loss

Mature woman celebrating weight loss on a medical weight scale.At Downtown Hypnosis, we offer you a safe, effective and natural approach to weight loss.

If you are frustrated with roller coaster dieting and unrealistic weight loss plans, then our Weight Loss Hypnosis is YOUR OPPORTUNITY to finally lose the weight and keep it off for good.

We are confident that if you follow this system, you will join the thousands of successful clients who have lost the weight and KEPT IT OFF using this method.

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More Weight Loss Testimonials

“This has been a wonderful experience of personal growth. I was out of control with my eating habits. Binge eating all the time, drive through windows, donuts, chocolate bars. Hypnosis has given me control back and I no longer buy the candy bars and donuts. I have currently lost 6 and 1/2 inches”* ~Fiona B

” When I started the program I was unsure of how hypnosis would help. I quickly noticed changes in the way I eat and think about food. I am more conscious of my food decisions. I feel more confident in my ability to reach my goals.”* ~ Nevin B

“Since starting the program , I have made many changes to my diet and exercise. I went skiing for the first time in 12 years and am looking forward to lots of outdoor summer activities with my family.”* ~Caroline K

“Lack of confidence and over eating with no motivation were my issues. Attending the clinic has been a good investment and worthwhile journey. I have now achieved weight loss and most importantly I have the skills and confidence to maintain life time success.”* ~Heather B.

“I have noticed many positive and beneficial changes in my life since starting my program. For the first time in my life I have a quiet confidence that I will achieve my weight loss and health goals. I find myself effortlessly making healthy food choices the majority of the time. Life is more balanced and enjoyable. Instead of putting roadblocks in my own way, I am successful!”* ~Deborah F.

“It is exciting for me to be able to choose the foods I want to eat and leave the foods that don’t appeal to me or don’t make my body feel the way it should. Overall I am a happier person.”* ~Carol K.

“Before coming to hypnosis, I always had the feeling that food was in control. Even though I’ve belonged to a gym for the past 6 years, I always felt like I was taking 1 step forward, 2 steps back. My eating habits sabotaged my progress. Now I feel more in control. I now have the confidence to stay the course and keep at it.”* ~Deb B.